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Yoga and Movement

Experience Inner Harmony and Radiant Wellness

Awaken Telepsychiatry invites you to immerse yourself in the transformative practice of yoga and movement. Guided by experienced instructors, our Yoga and Movement service offers a sanctuary for self-discovery, holistic well-being, and inner harmony.

Whether you are a professional yogi or a beginner, our diverse classes and approach offer something to people of all levels and aspirations.

The Art of Functional Movement

Yoga and Movement go beyond the physical aspects of exercise. We incorporate breath, mind, and body into functional movement.

We aim to improve your body’s natural flow, strength, and flexibility through intentional and mindful movements.

Our classes incorporate various methods, including somatic yoga and stretching, allowing you to connect with your body on a deeper level and form a sense of embodiment.

Exploring Yoga's History and Philosophy

Yoga is an ancient practice encompassing more than just physical postures - it originated in Northern India over 5,000 years ago.

As you begin your yoga journey, we encourage you to learn about yoga's history, philosophy, and origins.

Discover the wisdom and teachings passed down through generations, connecting you to a lineage of seekers and practitioners.

Our instructors are proficient in the principles and traditions of yoga, offering insights and guidance that go beyond the mat.

Meditation and Yoga - A Sacred Union

Yoga and meditation are inseparable companions, guiding us toward inner stillness and self-awareness.

Our classes seamlessly integrate yoga postures with meditation, providing a harmonious union of movement and stillness.

You can form a calm and focused mind through yoga meditation, allowing deeper introspection and connection with your soul.

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga include:

  • Strength, flexibility, balance.
  • Reduced stress and emotional balance.
  • Stress relief, renewal.
  • Self-acceptance, wholeness.
  • Self-discovery, transformation.

Learning, connection.

Yoga Anywhere, Anytime

Find Your Perfect Yoga Class

Have you been looking for a yoga class near you? Awaken Telepsychiatry offers a variety of classes to suit your schedule and preferences.


With our online classes, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga and movement from the comfort of your own space.


Whether you prefer the ambiance of a studio or the convenience of practicing at home, we provide a seamless online platform for you to connect with our instructors and fellow yogis.


Regardless of your location, we bring the healing power of yoga directly to you.


From gentle flows to invigorating workouts, our diverse schedule ensures something for everyone. Join us and experience the joy of movement.

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At Awaken Telepsychiatry, we provide a supportive space for you to prioritize your mental health and wellness.

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