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Awaken Telepsychiatry, LLC is a registered nonprofit organization.  Our application for tax-exemption has been filed and our 501c3 tax-exempt status is currently “pending”.

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To get started, fill out our easy-to-use contact form. Include your name, date of birth, contact phone number, insurance information, and insurance ID number. This will allow us to quickly verify your insurance benefits and ensure our providers are in-network and that telehealth is covered under your plan.

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If you prefer to reach out to us directly, give us a call at (833) 552-7149 or send us an email at awaken@awakentelepsychiatry.com. We look forward to helping you on your journey toward better mental health.

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At Awaken Telepsychiatry, we provide a supportive space for you to prioritize your mental health and wellness.

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