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Awaken Telepsychiatry, LLC is a registered nonprofit organization.  Our application for tax-exemption has been filed and our 501c3 tax-exempt status is currently “pending”.

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Affordable telepsychiatry services for all

At Awaken Telepsychiatry, LLC nonprofit organization we offer affordable telepsychiatry services to provide high-quality mental healthcare that fits your needs and budget.


Initial Psychiatric Evaluation


This is the first step in your journey toward optimal mental and emotional health. Our initial evaluation is a personalized and confidential conversation between you and our psychiatric nurse practitioners. We take the time to get to know you and understand your needs, goals, and concerns.

We are genuinely curious about your experiences and what brought you to seek our help. We want to understand your feelings, longing, and any obstacles impeding your progress. Our first evaluation is dedicated to getting to know you and your unique situation. We will discuss the challenges you are facing, your background, your family, and daily life. We will also work with you to identify your goals for treatment which may include a range of practices, including medication management, therapy, and integrative approaches such as mindfulness, yoga, and energy work.

Medication Management  


Our medication management services provide ongoing support to help you reach your goals. We use evidence-based practices to assess your progress and ensure your medication works effectively. Our follow-up appointments are personalized to your needs and can last between 15 to 60 minutes. We'll discuss concerns, adjust your treatment plan, and provide additional support.

Comming Soon to

Serve You

"Coming Soon: Your Gateway to Mental Wellness"

Prepare for an enriching experience as we introduce our upcoming psychiatric evaluation services. Our compassionate team of psychiatric nurse practitioners is poised to engage in personalized and confidential conversations to address your unique mental health needs.

During this inaugural step, we'll dedicate our time to genuinely understanding your experiences, concerns, and aspirations. We're eager to learn about your journey and what prompted you to seek support. Together, we'll navigate through your challenges, explore your background, and discuss how your daily life impacts your mental well-being.

Furthermore, we'll collaborate with you to identify treatment goals tailored to your specific needs. These may include a combination of approaches such as medication management, therapy, and holistic practices like mindfulness, yoga, and energy work.

Stay tuned for the launch of our services, designed to empower you on your path towards mental wellness.

Transforming America's Mental Health 

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At Awaken Telepsychiatry, we provide a supportive space for you to prioritize your mental health and wellness.

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